Thermal Radar


Thermal Radar™ is a network-based thermal surveillance and detection solution providing a constant 360° situational awareness. By rapidly rotating a FLIR Boson thermal sensor and running edge analytics, Thermal Radar™ can be used as a stand-alone detection outpost or the centrepiece of your integrated physical security strategy. The patent-pending Thermal Radar™ GUI integrates with VMS and PSIM platforms by displaying the full 360° detection area, integrated geospatial map and event alerts.

Cost-Effective 360° Thermal Detection

  • GeoSpatial location-based detection alerts
  • Reduces device count, infrastructure and licensing costs
  • No export license required for most international applications
  • Proprietary adaptive analytics result in low false positive alerts
  • Edge analytics for human, vehicle and fire detection
  • Provides slew-to-cue functionality to an integrated PTZ
  • Passive thermal detection and surveillance solution
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple targets
  • Patent pending GUI feed displaying full 360° coverage area
  • Independent customizable areas of interest/detection zones

Thermal Radar 6-Series Detection Radius